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Us Chickens, part 1

title: Us Chickens
author: ethanhaas
status: wip, one of two or three parts
pairing: hermione/george
rating: pg right now
word count: 941

He noticed that her mouth had closed rather abruptly, and with an internal wince, found this not to be a permanent improvement. Collapse )
1) grab the nearest book.
2) open the book to page 23.
3) find the fifth sentence.
4) post the text of the next three sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5) don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! i know you were thinking about it! just pick up whatever is closest.
6) tag five other people to do the same

"Yo paseo con calma, con ojos, con zapatos, con furia, con olvido, paso, cruzo oficinas y tiendas de ortopedia, y patios donde hay ropas colgadas de un alambre: calzoncillos, toallas y camisas que lloran lentas lagrimas sucias." (I walk with calm, with eyes, with shoes, with fury, with forgetfulness, I walk, across offices and orthpedic stores, and stores where there are clothes hung on wires, underwear, towels and shirts that cry dirty tears.)

...or, for everyone else:

"Unlucky Dido, burning, in her madness roamed all through the city like a doe hit by an arrow shot from far away by a spepherd huting in the Cretan woods - hit by surprise, nor could the hunter see his flying steel had fixed itself in her; but though she runs for life through copse and glade the fatal shaft clings to her side."

what, doesn't everyone pass out with Pablo Neruda and The Aeneid beside their bed? no? anyone? Bueller? oh, college. i could have reached under my bed for eclipse, or into my drawer for twilight, or under eclipse for harry potter - but that would be cheating. i tag...everyone, their mothers, and my roommate's creepy stuffed boston terrier that is also somehow a purse.

Jan. 17th, 2008

By approximately noon tomorrow, I'll be wandering around Los Angeles International, attempting to bribe one of the little hotel shuttles to take me straight to In 'n Out. I haven't been home (even if I'm actually from a 'burb of San Francisco, who's counting?) since OCTOBER OF LAST YEAR and that is, besides heinous and cruel, not normal of college sophomores. The hotel is in Agoura Hills, the wedding is in Malibu, and I am so fucking glad to be going to the correct/left coast, you have no idea.

It snowed today. And in beautiful Los Angeles, it was about 70 degrees. WORD TO YOUR MOTHER. Also, it might be of interest to note that I have thoroughly enjoyed this glass of pinot grigio.

Wish me luck and I love you all! Talk and picspam: Monday. And if you want to take bets on whether or not I'll do my art history and poly sci on the plane, I can offer you excellent odds on me doing nothing at all except gazing rapturously out the window. Cause, let's be honest, how often do you get to watch yourself fly right into heaven?
AUTHOR: me, ethanhaas.
TITLE: Indeed.
PAIRING: Dramione. But Harry and Marvin Gaye show up too.
RATING: totally G. only one swear word! or three.
WORD COUNT: 3,000ish
disclaimer: I don't own anything. Jo's the (wo)man.

Just like she knew that she could almost forget everything that had happened in the last few years if she climbed into the arms of her best friend and fell asleep. Neither of them could block out the world forever. It didn’t seemed to stop them from trying. Collapse )
l o c k e d.


the polar bears were straight up confused

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